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Here you'll find our traditionally decorated Birthday cakes in  both  white RTR icing and .  For 21st Birthdays check out our Occasions page.  Like all the cakes you'll see on this site you can customise the size, colours, cake type. Check out our Edible print cakes both Licensed and Generic. NEXT PAGE

800g Celebration Cake

2 kg Celebration

2kg Colour Iced
$59.00 with Edible Image

800g Medium ButterCream
$29.00 with Happy Birthday Message
$36.00 with a Licensed topper

2kg Large ButterCream
$45.00 with Hand piped Happy Birthday Message
$59.00 with edible Photo print or Licensed topper

Half Slab Choc Buttercream
$78.00 with Hand piped Message
$90.00 with Edible Photo print or Licensed Topper

Choc Butter Cream Slab
$149 with  Edible Photo or Licensed topper.

Double Slab Wide 700 x 400   Hand Piped $340.00

With edible print (1 or 2 A3) $360.00

3 Teir Doll Cake  


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